Structural Convergence between African Countries: Empirical Evidence




Structural Convergence, Structural Transformation, Sectoral Relative Productivity Levels, African Economy


This paper aims to investigate structural convergence in selected African countries over the period 1994-2019. Using panel data for 48 African countries and several estimation methods [Panel-Corrected Standard Errors (PCSE), Feasible Generalized Least Squares (FGLS), tobit model, instrumental variable, and Granger non-causality], the results show the existence of the phenomenon of sectoral structural convergence in Africa, i.e. a greater similarity in sectoral structures while income gaps are narrowing. The paper also highlights the service sector's low relative productivity level and industrial sector's low labor force attractiveness despite a significant shift in labor from the agricultural sector and a higher level of relative productivity respectively. To address this issue, the development and acquisition of human and physical capital would be necessary to develop the industrial sector and increase the service sector's productivity.


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Bako Ousmane, Ali; Şişman, Mehmet (2022). "Structural Convergence between African Countries: Empirical Evidence" Journal of World Economy: Transformations & Transitions (JOWETT) 1(03):13. DOI:


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